How to Build a Home Business with Incentive Vacation Certificates


Incentive vacation certificates, also known as free travel vouchers, provide an excellent opportunity for both experienced and aspiring entrepreneurs to build a home business with little or no investment required. In fact, because the market for these free coupons is still largely untapped, there is real potential to achieve significant success by distributing these products. No formal training or marketing or sales education is needed because anyone with low ambition and part-time availability can earn a respectable income by distributing free travel vouchers.

Not many people understand what incentive vacation certificates are; much less that can be used to start a home business. This is because it is difficult for most to imagine why an airline or hotel would possibly want to give away free tickets or reservations. However, what many do not realize is that these companies still benefit when they give these coupons away: recipients will likely still purchase additional services or upgrades from the airline, or purchase goods and food from the airport. Hotels know that free guests will surely spend money at their gift shops or restaurants. Therefore, it makes sense to give away these seats and rooms that would otherwise not be used instead of earning nothing. After all, the vast majority of seats and reservations are not sold, except during peak hours.

How do I get free travel vouchers? Actually, it is quite simple. Airlines and hotel companies have contracts with certain external companies that are allowed to offer these coupons to the public under very specific conditions. These companies in turn offer print rights to consumers. Buyers can choose from free airfare vouchers, free hotel stays, and full combo packages, though each has different terms and conditions that must be met. Once you purchase the printing rights (very inexpensive, generally $ 10 to $ 25 for unlimited rights), your name or company information will be printed on the coupons along with a unique code that identifies you to the issuer.

Once you have printed some coupons, you can give them away or sell them; Either way, you will earn money when your customer redeems them. Some people find little value in free stuff, so sellers really sell coupons to their customers, while other people can’t resist the idea of ​​a free vacation and thus redeem certificates in bulk. Generally speaking, this is a product that is attractive to any demographic, making targeting consumers relatively easy. Whether you charge for your products or not, you will need to market them using one or a combination of the following marketing tactics:

* Your own travel related website or blog

* Blog commenting and social bookmarks

* Article Directory Submissions

* Email campaigns


*Direct mail

At an initial investment cost of $ 10 or less, capital can be retained for any of these marketing methods. However, you can also market free travel vouchers at almost no cost simply by purchasing a .info domain and using free software to create a website hosted on a free server. Then you can write articles yourself and submit them to article directories and drive traffic to them with blog comments and social bookmarking, all of which can be done for free.

A home-based business that distributes free travel vouchers is fully scalable. You can start by buying just the air ticket coupon printing rights and experiment with marketing. As the number of consumers redeeming their certificates increases, you can use the money earned to purchase additional printing rights, such as a two-night hotel stay. Over time, you can offer both airline seats and hotel reservations as part of a package. You can even purchase 8-night resort voucher rights.

Free travel voucher distribution is one of the few home-based businesses that anyone can participate in that really works. Even if you are already a successful internet marketer or affiliate, you can use free vacation certificates to diversify your sources of income with little investment and passive efforts, especially if you already have article marketing or other strategies.

If you have $ 13 for printing rights and a domain name, you can get started with your own home business right away.