Herbs and spices in your hotel services?

In cooking you often have to add "herbs and spices". But is there a difference between these two? Yes, it's true. A herb is found in the leaves of the plant, where the spice comes from the seeds, fruits, bark, roots and fruit of the plant.

Many herbs and spices are found in cooking, herbal treatments and cosmetics. Often to offer a great aroma or taste. Many of the popular species found in your home today are pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and cloves. You may also use a lot of herbs in your cooking – for example, basil, arugula, chives and dill.

While it is commonplace to find your herbs and spices, it is often found herbs and spices in your personal care facilities, such as shampoos, shampoos, ointments, body washes and soaps.

A leading hotel comfort brand, Aromae Botanicals, uses a variety of herbs and spices for affordable hotel convenience. Rosemary is found in Aromae Botanicals Conditioning Shampoo, Aloe Aromae Lotion, Bergamot Aromae Botanicals Bergamot and Lemon Bar, 1.5oz in Body Bar Soap, and Sage 1.25oz in Facial Bar Soap. .

Other leading hospitality brands are in line. The Nourish Spa line uses lemon grass in all products, as well as shampoo, absorbent, ointment, body wash and soaps. And Lord and Mayfair, who have long been known as leaders in hotel product products, use lavender in their 2.25oz soap bars. Treatments, another trademark of hotel amenities, uses Peppermint in all its shampoos and conditioners and boasts one of the leading luxury product lines.

Finding herbs and spices outside your kitchen is no longer as difficult. Simply head over to your own cosmetics drawer and you will be amazed at what you find.