Amirat Dahabeya Cruise

Amirat Dahabeya Cruise

Dahabeya Amirat Private Deluxe Nile Cruise


Itinerary A:Every Saturday Luxor – Aswan 7 Nights


Itinerary B: Every Saturday Aswan – Luxor 7 Nights


Type: Private Dahbeya Nile Cruise


Guide: Pro Egyptologist Guide



Nile Cruise information


Dahabeya Amirat was launched in February, 2009 while offering a cruise experience like no other regarding the Nile. It really is designed to take you back in its history to a gentler, much more gracious age regarding the Nile throughout your 7 night cruise between Luxor and Aswan.


Amirat Dahabeya Cabins:

6 luxurious cabins and 2 elegant rooms with exclusive terrace


In-cabin services:

Direct-dial telephone

Specific climate control

Hair dryer

Mini bar

Safety-deposit package,

Plasma TV and movie system


Boat services:

Open air oriental-style Jacuzzi

Roomy sundeck and stylish common lounge



Smoke & temperature sensor.

02 life coats in each cabin.

Escape chart in each cabin.

Fire Fighting Program.



Itinerary A :Luxor – Aswan 7 Nights Every Saturday

Day 1, Saturday: Luxor

Embarkation in Luxor for a relaxing few days cruising the Nile on a luxuriously appointed dahabiyya. After meal, excursion to check out the magnificent temple complex of Amon-Ra at Karnak, featuring its vast hypostyle hall of 137 articles, followed closely by the imposing 28 th Dynasty Luxor Temple. Overnight moored on Nile banking institutions of Luxor.


Day 2, Sunday: Luxor

You’ll go to the West Bank for visits to your burial locations of this Pharaohs – the Valley associated with Kings – where Howard Carter found the tomb of Tutankhamen in 1922. Still the adjacent Valley of Queens, the temple of Medinet Habu as well as the Colossi of Memnon.

Sail on the road to Esna ( noon time ). Overnight on board close by Esna.


Day 3, Monday: Amirat Dahabeya Cruise

These days should be a leisurely time. After break fast, start sailing

Immediately moored beside a Nile area.


Day 4, Tuesday: Edfu

This morning you may sail to Edfu to see the remarkably maintained Temple of Edfu. In a single day moored beside a Nile island.


Day 5, Wednesday: Amirat Dahabeya Cruise

These days you can expect to sail on the way to Kom Ombo. Overnight on board moored beside a Nile area.


Day 6, Thursday: Kom Ombo

After breakfast on-board you’ll go to Kom Ombo to see the Ptolemaic temple of Kom Ombo specialized in God Sobek plus the falcon-headed Horus. A leisurely sailing to Aswan and moored close by Aswanbridge. Overnight in Aswan on-board.


Day 7, Friday: Aswan

Today you are going to visit the Aswan High Dam (completed in 1971), the Old Dam (completed in 1902). You’ll also go to Temple of Philae, dedicated to the Goddess Isis, a framework rescued through the increasing oceans of Lake Nasser at the time of the tall Dam‘s construction.

Day 8, Saturday: Disembarkation

Morning meal aboard the dahabeya accompanied by disembarkation.


Itinerary B :Aswan – Luxor 7 Nights Every Saturday


Day 1, Saturday: Aswan

Embarkation in Aswan for a soothing week sailing the Nile on a Luxury appointed Dahabeya. Overnight on board, the ship moors on Nile Bank of Aswan


Time 2, Sunday: Aswan

These days you will definitely go to the Aswan High Dam (completed in 1971); the Old Dam (finished in 1902). Also you will see Temple of Philae, specialized in the goddess Isis, a framework rescued from the rising seas of Lake Nasser during the High Dam‘s construction. Overnight on board moored in Aswan.

Day 3, Monday: Kom Ombo

Day sail to Kom Ombo to check out the ptolemaic Kom Ombo temple specialized in the God Sobek as well as the falcon-headedHorus. Overnight on board Dahabeya, moored beside a Nile Island.

Day 4, Tuesday: Edfu

Break fast on-board and in the morning could sail to Edfu. There could look at the well-preserved Temple of Edfu. Immediately moored beside an Island.


Day 5, Wednesday: Amirat Dahabeya Cruise

Today would be a leisurely time. After Breakfast Commence sailing to Esna and onwards to Luxor. Overnight on board in Luxor.


Day 6, Thursday: Luxor

Today you will go to the magnificent temple complex of Amon-Ra at Karnak, using its vast hypostyle hallway of 137 columns, accompanied by the imposing 28th Dynasty Luxor Temple. Overnight on board in Luxor.

Time 7, Friday: Luxor

After break fast you will go to western Bank to begin to see the great burial places associated with Pharaohs – the Valley of leaders – where Howard Carter discovered the tomb of Tutankhamen in 1922. Continue to the Valley associated with the Queens, Medinet Habu Templeand the Colossi of Memnon. Overnight moored in Luxor.


Day 8: Luxor

Morning meal aboard the Dahabeya followed by disembarkation



Visa resources

Entry visa to Egypt is required and can be gotten upon arrival Egypt by our agent for americans, Canadian Citizens, British people, Australian and a lot of of Europeans and Latin People in america people please verify the nationality at time of booking, in addition Egyptian entry visa can be obtained form the Egyptian embassy at your end

General info

Pricing is per person in two fold cabin, triple reduction and solitary occupancy product applies.

Xmas, New Year and Easter duration supplements is applicable.

Children between 2-12 yrs old have discounts 50% at the least hotels and cruises provided nearly offered but susceptible to accessibility at time of scheduling and in case of overbooking we’d supply comparable people with same facilities.

What to deliver

Passport good for half a year

Comfortable shoes

Cotton clothing during the summer

Warm clothes in cold weather

Sunlight block



Digital Camera



Maestro on the web vacation

124 Pyramid street Giza ,Egypt


For most useful provide Contact with Amany

My Email:-

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Inexpensive Disney Cruise

Cheap Disney Cruise

If you are making a choice on a cruise, specifically with children, Disney cruises will be the approach to take. Disney offers multiple cruises with different itineraries on Bahamas, the Caribbean, to Europe, and special cruises to the Caribbean. A Disney cruise is reduced cruise basically the prices they charge are first-class. You can always try to see whenever you can be eligible for discounts, credits and exceptional prices.
Tips Start It
Firstly program your Disney cruise during off season. Holiday time and during summertime holidays costs are at reduced and a huge no-no obtainable. Winter might be a great time for a Disney cruise or during violent storm period. You will have to consult your kids’ school to see when they are permitted.
Every so often Disney does offer unique cruise deals. Just you need to be aware because of this. Your broker could possibly assist you to on this, or maybe a search online is going to do the task. You are able to get a particular stateroom discount or just pay 1 / 2 of the deposit. Considering your cruise schedule while the complete price of your cruise, your vacation agent could also offer a stateroom credit. You will need to do a little research to discover such offers.
Disney Cruise Line offers special discounts to residents of Florida and to military employees on energetic task. If you’re just one of those, you can easily avail of this provide, but these provides try not to connect with all cruises. You’ll normally have to book your cruise months in advance and Disney does not reveal such special offers much beforehand. You may have to travel at an extremely short notice if you want to benefit from this offer.  When you yourself have already booked yourself on an everyday cruise at regular rates, you can try to contact Disney Cruise Line to obtain the distinction straight back.
You will need to confirm your cruise at the lowest price by reserving well ahead of time, also during cruise season. Since the cruise booking starts to fill up the costs in addition begin to go up. It can save you some cash in this way, especially if the entire family members is in the cruise. Book early sufficient and you may get a reasonably inexpensive price.
Discover particular information that your particular vacation representative should know and pass it to you:
·   If you are a family group of four thereon cruise, guide a category 12 area. Category 12 spaces are often for 3 folks just and specific cruises allow becoming scheduled for 4. Chances are you gets an upgrade to at the very least a category 11 room.
·   there are particular spaces on Disney Magic and Wonder cruise ships that offer more value for the money. Six staterooms have a porthole with an obstructed view. These category 9 staterooms go after the buying price of group 10 areas! If spaces with an obstructed view try not to concern you try using areas 5020, 5022, 5024, 5520, 5522, and 5524.

The writer has actually written numerous of web site posts on various subjects.

Cruise Disney – Treasured Days Cruising With the Mickey Mouse on Board

Cruise Disney – Treasured Days Cruising With the Mickey Mouse on Board

Do you adore everything about Disney? Do you also attracted to the smell of sea breeze? How about trying a lavish offering from Disney? A Cruise of Disney! The other charming sensation of Disney projects besides Disneyland. Disney cruises started back in 1998 with the christening of the “Disney Magic”.

With the flair touch of Disney’s designers, these amazing ships will definitely spoil you and your family. Since then, millions of people around the world have felt what has to be one of the best trips you can have.  You can find some Disney arts are featured on the walls and images everywhere.

As usual, Disney gives characters silhouettes in several spots of the ship. The Disney cruises are designed in a very classic way, and all the references to the characters are very subtle. More, you’ll be pleasantly amazed from the moment you enter and upon your first glance at Mickey Mouse golden statues.   Disney featured with two nearly identical ships, one is “Disney Wonder” and the other is “Disney Magic”. Each of them has a unique icon which will leave a remarkable memory for the passengers. A fifteen-foot statue of Goofy is the figurehead on Disney Magic while Donald Duck adorns the front of Disney Wonder. And, not to forget this one, cast members also give a better atmosphere by dressing as Disney’s characters. 

Cruise Disney also has a private island of its own, Castaway Cay, Bahama. All cruises line will stop for a day at Castaway Cay. If you’ve never been in paradise, maybe it’s about time for you to finally enjoy it. More over, you certainly don’t want to miss a chance to have a picture with Jack Sparrow in this island. Near the beach you would find replica of a scary pirate’s shipwreck.   

Cruise Disney presents 3 – 14 days cruises that sail from Disney’s own Port Canaveral near Orlando to popular spots in the Caribbean, including St. Maarten, Nassau, Antigua, Cozumel, St. Thomas, Grand Cayman Island, St. Lucia, and Key West.  

One more special about Cruise Disney is the dining system, which you can taste each dining area while you’re on board. Dinners are served at 6:30 and 8:30 pm in one of three family dining areas. Over a three day period, you will have the special experience of having dinner at 3 diverse restaurants, thus getting to feel unique ambiance of each one. There’s a romantic dining for you who choose an upscale adult-only restaurant for a $ 10 cover charge (only after gaining sought after advance reservations).  

My name is Abigail Peony. Since I was a little girl, I have been a huge fan of everything Disney. I love all things about Disney World, Disney Cruise and even Disney Characters -especially Disney Princesses. If you want to find a complete guide to Disney travels, I’m confident that my site have the most information for you to plan your Disney vacation – all in on place! For FREE!

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To begin with, it is essential to say that most Cruise liners are interesting in one single or perhaps the various other fashion. You need to concentrate on the characteristics which you look for in a cruise ship and match them one at a time. As an example, Princess cruises on offer encompass more than 120 distinctive cruise itineraries to locations exceeding 330 in quantity! Aren’t the numbers enough to sweep you off your feet? Certainly, you may expect Princess alone to last your ideal cruise refuge, and never having to feel the tiresome sieving and sifting between choices. Furthermore, the world famous cruise line extends you its unique USP – the freedom to choose.

With a Princess, you can celebrate tranquility, as well as, celebration hard with mob towards wits end; all for a passing fancy vessel! You’ll be involved in numerous rejuvenating activities, pamper your self with spas or savor delectable cuisines fresh out of the range – the possibilities tend to be because vast as the imagination it self on these cruises. The ships by Princess float like silk across oceans, laced with advanced luxuries and unabridged customers for entertainment. It allows you to be the way you deem ideal.

MSC cruises, alternatively, represent a contemporary fleet of about eleven luxurious huge ships, each well-equipped to attempt family cruises, trips for couples as well as theme based travelling. Book a ticket with one of its marvelous vessels and happen to be destinations including the Caribbean Islands, the mediterranean and beyond, European countries, Oceania, Southern Africa and united states. The ship invites that complete toss fun time minus the unwelcome mismanagement hullaballoo; just ideal to relax your brain from hardships of cosmopolitan life.

Fun on a MSC cruise ship begins from its threshold. The cruise enables you to relish cooking as an art and benefits you for your loyalty.

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Cruisedirect extends the very best cruise deals to create your holidays undoubtedly enjoyable and unforgettable. Select a summary of tempting discount cruise travel deals including, Princess Cruise, cruise liners, MSC cruise line and globe cruise for various well-known destinations.

Cruising away with Discounted Cruise Deals

Travel is considered one of the most exciting experiences they have in their lives. The gift of the opportunity to discover a new place, away from the familiar, learning about a new country, talking to the locals mingle with other travelers and dive into the culture of another place is very worthwhile. Many people have a part of a popular trend in travel culture that was traveling solo.
flight status united airlines
Solo travel to your personal journey planner that allows for flexibility in travel that is missing otherwise often make. The first solo travel experience of a person without a fixed planner is often regarded as a religious experience.

Solo travel helps your inner peace and your own guide. You can program your chosen destination and explore the beautiful places and a little piece of yourself out there. A solo traveler can experience for yourself and add some wonderful stories to their personal travel diaries.
get flights
Many people have been known to go on individual tours after a particularly challenging event in their lives, whether as a result of stress, relationship stress or other related events, they trust as the sole planner and went on a journey they will never forget. What follows is a life changing experience that travelers only speak lovingly into some of their journey.

Travel culture is now advertising for this kind of travel with a lot of emphasis on the ways in which an individual can have a successful solo trip. However, there are disadvantages of your own guide. Sometimes important aspects of the trip are missed in a new place without proper planning.
lower airfare
You may also run into a lot of trouble in a foreign country, such as language, food, housing, safety and places to visit, which can be prevented with a professional guide that can help you in times of need.

On the other hand, traveling alone is abundant with positives. Ironically, considered one of the most social form of travel. The ability to escape prior to attract certain social groups and to deal with people from different worlds and cultures, allows a person to grow socially and new connections. Solo travel is a gift of total indulgence in some ways.
delta flight status
It lets you move away from the “tourist” tag and move to see a real traveler and the world with their own eyes unbiased. A person can create their own space, physically and mentally, which can be very therapeutic. It is an experience that helps you create and share personal memories with you, enriching your soul for life.

Cruising away with Discounted Cruise Discounts

Comes December and holidays kick begins across the world. Heralding to the previous xmas and New Year festivities – the vacation month registers optimum rush for xmas cruise. The majority of luxury cruise lines worldwide leave ports for great holiday destinations during Christmas breaks, which range from Caribbean to Scandinavia not to mention the tour around the globe. Given the angry rush, it is it is difficult to find seats agreeable in current reservation, not to mention finding cheap cruise handles attractive discounts. Consequently, your trip throughout the gleaming sea may well not take shape at all, or turn out to be less pleasant so it could have been.

To savor a relaxing and enjoyable cruise holiday for certain, it’s crucial for you to find rebate cruise travel deals to be able to buy better plan within your budget limitations.

Certainly, Christmas time could be the ideal time to explore the nice ocean snap with your beloved/family. But can also be the time whenever cruise companies anticipate extremely high demand without exception. That is why you’d hardly get a hold of any discounts afloat on cruise deals during the season. However, in the event that you reserve your cruise vacation at the very least 3 months in advance, it will be easy to book the seats with choicest accommodation and much better services. Booking the tickets in advance might also benefit you regarding attractive vacation discounts that could be offered to entice very early bookings.

Further, if you wish to enjoy luxurious cruise discounts at undoubtedly less expensive prices, you must postpone or pre-pone your cruise vacation before or following the festive season. This is the time whenever cruise liners witness an evident lull. It is possible to reserve a cruise vacation during off-season, that is whenever cruise liners offer maximum discounts to lure early bookings; also drifting mind-blowing last-minute cruise deals to refill numerous bare staterooms up to speed. Nevertheless, looking forward to the final min cruise discounts may show to be fatal.

If you are marriage soon, you can find wedding ceremony cruises available that one can get to get hitched at water. By preparing the function well beforehand, it is possible to ensure that as it happens to be an indelible day of your life, whilst essentially should be.

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