Cruise Disney – Treasured Days Cruising With the Mickey Mouse on Board

Cruise Disney – Treasured Days Cruising With the Mickey Mouse on Board

Do you adore everything about Disney? Do you also attracted to the smell of sea breeze? How about trying a lavish offering from Disney? A Cruise of Disney! The other charming sensation of Disney projects besides Disneyland. Disney cruises started back in 1998 with the christening of the “Disney Magic”.

With the flair touch of Disney’s designers, these amazing ships will definitely spoil you and your family. Since then, millions of people around the world have felt what has to be one of the best trips you can have.  You can find some Disney arts are featured on the walls and images everywhere.

As usual, Disney gives characters silhouettes in several spots of the ship. The Disney cruises are designed in a very classic way, and all the references to the characters are very subtle. More, you’ll be pleasantly amazed from the moment you enter and upon your first glance at Mickey Mouse golden statues.   Disney featured with two nearly identical ships, one is “Disney Wonder” and the other is “Disney Magic”. Each of them has a unique icon which will leave a remarkable memory for the passengers. A fifteen-foot statue of Goofy is the figurehead on Disney Magic while Donald Duck adorns the front of Disney Wonder. And, not to forget this one, cast members also give a better atmosphere by dressing as Disney’s characters. 

Cruise Disney also has a private island of its own, Castaway Cay, Bahama. All cruises line will stop for a day at Castaway Cay. If you’ve never been in paradise, maybe it’s about time for you to finally enjoy it. More over, you certainly don’t want to miss a chance to have a picture with Jack Sparrow in this island. Near the beach you would find replica of a scary pirate’s shipwreck.   

Cruise Disney presents 3 – 14 days cruises that sail from Disney’s own Port Canaveral near Orlando to popular spots in the Caribbean, including St. Maarten, Nassau, Antigua, Cozumel, St. Thomas, Grand Cayman Island, St. Lucia, and Key West.  

One more special about Cruise Disney is the dining system, which you can taste each dining area while you’re on board. Dinners are served at 6:30 and 8:30 pm in one of three family dining areas. Over a three day period, you will have the special experience of having dinner at 3 diverse restaurants, thus getting to feel unique ambiance of each one. There’s a romantic dining for you who choose an upscale adult-only restaurant for a $ 10 cover charge (only after gaining sought after advance reservations).  

My name is Abigail Peony. Since I was a little girl, I have been a huge fan of everything Disney. I love all things about Disney World, Disney Cruise and even Disney Characters -especially Disney Princesses. If you want to find a complete guide to Disney travels, I’m confident that my site have the most information for you to plan your Disney vacation – all in on place! For FREE!

Charter a Mega Yacht in Greece to have an Ultimate Cruising Experience

Charter a Mega Yacht in Greece to have an Ultimate Cruising Experience

Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in the world that has been attracting visitors from all parts of the globe. Sailing in Greece offers its tourists a great opportunity to uncover the natural hidden beauty of Greece and the Greek Islands. You can charter a yacht in order to experience the luxury of the crystal blue waters of the Greece and explore hidden coves and secluded beaches on remote Greek islands. There is no better way to experience the outstanding beauty of the Greek archipelago than by renting a charter yacht in Greece. By boarding this vessel, you will be able to enjoy unprecedented beauty of network of natural trails, marvelous beaches, gorges, and a peaceful tranquility of rural island life.


So, if you are seriously thinking of chartering a yacht during your upcoming holiday break in the Mediterranean, then its of supreme importance that you are aware of the essential guidelines, and choose the right charter agent or broker, who will ensure you best service! Using a charter broker will offer you security and maximum assurance that you will have a memorable, enjoyable, cruising experience. You can enjoy the enthralling and soothing aspects of the experience, cruising through the Greek islands on a mega yacht charter in Greece. If you are thinking only rich and famous can opt for this marvelous sailing experience, then you need to do away with your misconception as even you can have the lifestyle like them even if it’s only for a week or two. The type of yacht you choose depends on what you want, a luxury motor yacht in Greece offers more space, privacy, luxury and comfort. You can take the help of a good yacht charter company in Greece that can help you plan your sailing holiday, where you can choose your own custom itinerary and select the right type of yacht for your great sailing vacation in Greece. With fascinating archaeological sites, great nightlife, secluded anchorages and great food, you can pamper and relax yourself when it comes to things to do and see while cruising the Greek islands.


Sailing a charter yacht in Greece can make your vacations an enjoyable experience. Choosing the right yacht can turn a good experience into a great one!

Author is specializing in Cruising the Greek islands. He has written many articles on Mega Yacht Charter in Greece and all about luxury motor yachts in Greece.

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Go Cruising For A Break From Your Mundane City Life

Go Cruising For A Break From Your Mundane City Life
Cruising renders a wonderful and once in a lifetime experience and is thus revered as one of the best options for vacationing by people of all age groups. Children and teens are enthusiastic about getting on board the ship with beautiful blue waters all around while for the adults and the grownups cruising extends a wonderful opportunity to de-stress and take a much sought after break from the mundane city life. Thankfully, for everyone there is a cruise to cater to his/her dreams and aspirations about cruising. For example, kids can have fun on Disney cruise while for the newly weds, young singles, couples and those who love active and effervescent ambiance Carnival Cruise makes an ideal choice.

For travelers who appreciate style and want quality along with the best of amenities that a big cruise ship would extend, Crystal cruise is certainly the best option to go with. The Crystal cruise extends everything thats just best including the friendly officers and crew, pearly white ships, exciting itineraries, lip-smacking cuisine, entertainment, and recreational activities that you would surely enjoy. While on Crystal cruise, you get the much coveted tranquility with your beloved companion. The cruise has various quite places where you can simply unwind. You get to experience the magic and adventure at the beautiful sea while on board one of the finest luxury ships in the world. This cruise is exalted by the travelers as well as the experts. Every aspect of this amazing cruise is crafted superbly to provide you a unique and memorable voyage.

In case you are traveling with your family, you certainly can not ignore the kids in it. And to ensure that your kids have a really memorable and fun-filled cruise vacation, you must ensure that the ship you board on meets their aspirations as well. Disney cruise could certainly be the best option for families with children and grandchildren. However, the cruise is designed in such a manner that people of all ages can have fun on-board. So, its just not exclusively for the kids and families with kids.

Whichever cruise you choose to board, you can now book it online, thanks to the online cruise travel planners.

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Cruising to Barbados? You may want a US Passport Renewal!

Cruising to Barbados? You Might Need a US Passport Renewal!

With over 500,000 visitors showing up annually, Barbados the most greatly visited locations into the Caribbean. But the guidelines for US resident visitors tend to be significantly different than those of many various other Caribbean nations. The reason being Barbados isn’t contained in the west Hemisphere Travel Initiative, a law that governs travel needs when it comes to US, Canada, Mexico and most for the Caribbean.


Countries which are an element of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative may be visited by people in america without a passport under particular minimal circumstances. For example, US citizens on “closed-loop” cruises to WHTI nations can use a birth certification and license traveling. A closed-loop cruise is actually a cruise that begins and ends in equivalent US port. Also, for land and ocean journey to these nations US citizens can use either the traditional passport guide, the newer passport card, an enhanced license with an RFID chip or a card from a dependable traveler system. Flying to or from a WHTI nation does need a passport, however.

Since Barbados is not contained in the WHTI, what are the results if you book a cruise aided by the nation on your own schedule? If you do not’ll be staying significantly less than 24 hours in Barbados, it is important to get a passport book or a US passport renewal in the event the passport is expired.

Finishing the united states passport restoration procedure usually takes about 6 months for regular processing and 3 days if you expedite it aided by the Department of State for an additional $ 60. So, it’s important to prepare ahead. If you do get caught off guard and need a last-minute passport, you may well be capable get one through a scheduled appointment at closest regional passport company office. Another option is by using an expediting company to expedite your application. An excellent company can get your application through system in as little as 24 hours, supplied your entire documents is in order.



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