From All-Inclusive to a La Carte – The New Reality of Cruising

From All-Inclusive to a La Carte – The New Reality of Cruising

Evolution or Intelligent Design?

In the beginning the Cruise Gods said “Let the customer pay only once.” Thus cruising was created as the ultimate all-inclusive travel package. And in the minds of the general public that is still the perception. But perception needs to catch up to reality. Cruising has become a fully a la carte undertaking – and the devil is in the details. Today you are truly on your own – especially once on board the ship. This is true even with the assistance of an experienced travel agent.

This transformation has been a gradual one, observed over the many years since the author was bitten by the cruise bug. While the last three decades have witnessed many pleasing developments in this wonderful industry – there have been a few disappointing ones – mostly to do with the continual addition of options at extra cost.

Originally one’s cruise fare covered everything, the cruise itself, airfare to the port of departure, transfers, all meals, most shore excursions, all beverages including alcohol, even tips were often included – plus there were only two simple accommodation choices – an inside stateroom or one with an ocean view.

Are these ships on steroids?

With less emphasis on itineraries/destinations and more focus on onboard experiences – the highly competitive cruise lines are now rolling out ships with outrageously “pimped up” interiors, exteriors and activities. The newest of these floating behemoths have literally become destinations unto themselves. Some of the newer ships coming on line in the near future are so large that they feature “neighborhoods” – and can carry up to 5,000 passengers.

Waiter, check please…

Unfortunately, this growth has added layers of complexity to both the booking process and the on board experience that can often be frustrating – making it near impossible to determine bottom line cost in advance. One can run up a huge end-of-cruise tab in the blink of an eye.

But there is good news in these developments. This gradual unbundling of services has created new opportunities. It is now possible to truly custom design a personalized cruise experience.

How to get personal…

A little online research goes a long way to ensuring a great cruise experience. Even if you are lucky enough to have a travel agent who is both a cruise specialist and a mind reader, if you have booked a cruise, are planning a cruise – or even just dreaming of one – take the time to review articles and postings on cruise related websites and chat rooms.

Most of these sites are operated and frequented by experienced cruise-a-holics with no particular agenda other than to inform and entertain. Detail obsessed cruise fans are more than happy to share tried and true techniques for maxing the experience while holding down costs – sage advice for the novice cruiser.

Already one of the anointed?

The same sites are also an opportunity for experienced cruisers to post stories and share their wisdom. Veterans tell what they – or someone else, crew, staff member, fellow passenger, travel agent – did that kicked their experience up to a notch in their bank of travel memories.

In subsequent articles we will explore how to “pimp up the particulars”…identify the best booking channel (direct, online or traditional agency), how to get the lowest fare, best cabin, free upgrades, best shore excursions, best dining room table, whether or not travel insurance is a good deal, etc.

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Cruises are becoming an increasingly popular family and couple holiday option. More and more people opt for cruise holidays each year, resulting in advanced bookings being the only way to secure your place on one. Cruise liners are easily able to provide clients with holiday packages that offer absolute value for money. Cruise ship holidays usually offer travellers all the luxuries and comforts of a world class resort.

By chatting to a qualified and experienced travel agency such as Cruise Tag, you can expect to be provided access to a number of specials and discounts on offer. Rates for a cruise are reasonable, whether you book in advance or last minute. A cruise holiday package is usually all inclusive. This means that all your holiday expenses are all thought of and included. Meals, accommodation and entertainment are all included in most cruise packages. By booking your cruises though Cruise Tag you can expect to sit back and relax while they arrange your holiday and entertainment for you.

All cruise ships offer their own on board entertainment. Of course each cruise liner company has its own ships with their own features, but most of them have their own movie theatres, ball rooms, dance floors, casinos, restaurants, bars and much more. Depending on the package you buy, you might even be able to enjoy these features and facilities without paying anything extra. When going on a cruise you will also be provided with the opportunity to stop at a number of ports along the way and experience a taste of a variety of different countries.

When looking for a variety of cruises to choose from take the time to contact Cruise Tag, or visit their website at They will ensure that you are provided with access to the best cruise packages available on the market.

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Paris Rent Barge Provide Space And Freedom While Cruising Along The Beautiful Paris

Paris Rent Barge Provide Space And Freedom While Cruising Along The Beautiful Paris
The beautiful city of France, Paris has exotic boat trips to offer amongst its other attractions. Bateau paris provides the customers with intoxicating scenarios along the canals and of river Seine. These boats vary in make and sizes and the variety only makes it possible for everyone who wants to enjoy the beautiful view of Paris a chance to pick one that best suits their needs. They offer lunch deals and dinner packages with options of trips that are half day to full day. Most of the cruises are an hour long and in summers one can catch a cruise every half hour. However boat Paris is good only if the customer wants to have a feel of the canals and the River Seine of Paris for a limited period of time. These boats offer its customers the description of all the sights in different languages and the comfortable seats are arranged for both the sun seekers and those who prefer it not too hot.

Other than the boat Paris trips, Paris also offers Barge trips. One spectacular trip is offered by the Viking Paris. These are the luxury cruises that have more to offer for the money that is spent. They cater to all the needs that make the cruise more comfortable and unique. From beautifully built to modern interiors these houseboats and barges provide exotic food to comfortable bedding. The competition is a lot between the barges and they frequently renovate the interiors in accordance to the customers needs.

The average louer peniche Paris or rental houseboats Paris range from $ 258 per night and $ 1264 per week. They are equally good for family picnics or a little fun with friends. There are more than 200 boats that are available for rents in Paris. These can provide excellent opportunity for the adventure seekers who could relax and sleep right in the middle of Paris on river Seine itself. The houseboats that offer such luxury can also be obtained for as little as 980 Euros for two persons per week. However there are some barges that do not allow the kids so one has to be able to ask the required questions beforehand.

Rental houseboats Paris houseboats and Paris rent barge are proving to be more popular as they offer the luxuries of home and provide space and freedom while cruising along the beautiful scenes of Paris. So while visiting Paris it is another good option to look into the shops that rent out houseboat and barges for accommodation purposes as they are cheaper and solves the problem of good living with great sightseeing. The apartment types of houseboats come as cheap as 135E per week with minimum of two bedrooms. The apartment types have subtypes which the customer can enjoy according to affordability. They are the luxury, Ideal for family, corporate and simple houseboats. Even the bedrooms vary in size and luxuries. All these can be attained according to the capacity to spend and of course the more money one is able to impart the more fun these rental houseboats Paris and barges have to offer.

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